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2013-04-06 04:35 pm
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Lets begin

Lets see if I can be active on here more than Livejournal. So far, I don't find much of a difference between the two sites, but perhaps its more of the community than anything.

I'm MistressEccentric, as my username suggests I am eccentric and hop, join, and add fandoms to my long list of interests many times a months. I use to go by Swordser a lot when I was young and noobish, I don't go by it now a days, but old pals of my who knew back then usually call me it occasionally. After that username I went by Peanut, which some friends also call me, and finally I can to Eccentric.

I really love to draw, it amazes me that we can copy something on to paper for practically forever; to show its inner beauty on paper....Also to drawn our favorite characters and make them do funny things like kiss XD Ha!
Aside from drawing, I write fanfiction, but I seriously am shy and self-conscious of my skills in both. I take criticism very serious though, and really do find help in it.

So yeah, just your average fangirl/Otaku!